Gary Linekers Pants back to winning ways in Tiger Moth Thriller!

Steven, Carolyn, Jack and Sam went back to winning ways in a close fought quiz at The Tiger Moth, beating off Big Fella and Shambolics. Misfits took the chocolates in a 12 team quiz.

Wes and Nic win Druids Arms Quiz.

Someone Else’s Mr and Mrs won at The Druids quiz narrowly beating off Science Simon on Wednesday Night.

Super 7 hit the jackpot at last!

Super 7 made it 3rd time lucky at The Feathers, nearly throwing it away in the last round for the 3rd week running. All night leaders, they fell into 3rd place only to get the nearest question the closest, and regain the lead in the eleventh hour. Team Boom came a close 2nd, Sherlock took the chocolates.

Big Fella Steals win at Old Ash Tree!

Marc Carr fast tracked along with Slow Coaches at a competitive quiz at The Ash Tree, both overtaking and maintaining their positions ahead of all night leader Gary Linekers Pants. Fireman Sam walked away with the chocolates.

It is all about Prosecco at Newnham Court Inn.

The Prosecco Twins beat off the competition at Newnham Court Inn beating Banarmi Fella into 2nd place in an intimate quiz.

Golden Gods return to winning ways at Cricketers.

The Golden Gods returned to winning ways at The Cricketers beating a 13 strong field in a close encounter narrowly beating Gary Linekers Pants into 2nd place. Boats and Hoes walked away with the chocolates in a baking hot Cricketers.

The Big Fella and the gals with debt win at Pippin Re-Opening.

Lauren and Sophie were joined by Marc for The Pippin re-opening and beat off the challenge from The Bastard back baby. Intergalactic Gargle Blasters got the nearest question spot on to climb into 3rd.

Slow Coaches win again at Tiger Moth.

Slow Coaches kept up their recent good form winning at The Tiger Moth, beating Flick My Jelly Bean into 2nd. Arthur also went on to win £500 on safecracker. Congratulations to all.

99 Problems win at Ash Tree in fast track frenzy.

Got 99 problems and student debt is number one won The Old Ash Tree quiz on Tuesday. With only 5 teams present 10 fast tracks made the quiz a very close one. Prosecco Twins came second after leading for most of the night and Pippin team, Team Meeting went away with the Smarties!

The Grumio Foundation win for 2nd night in a row at Cricketers.

Ryan and his team came and conquered The Cricketers on Monday night beating Golden Gods with a crucial Fast Track and spot on answer for nearest question. We Like to come from behind walked away with the Minstrels!

Red gets 1st ever win at Newnham Court.

Red achieved her 1st ever win as an individual player beating Someone Else’s Mr and Mrs into 2nd at Newnham Court Inn.

The Fitons from Briton surprise all with last gasp win at Tiger Moth Music quiz.

Ryan, Josh, Anna and Caitlin shocked the music regulars at Sunday’s music quiz at The Tiger Moth, winning with the nearest question overtaking Team Spartacus. The Ray Twins went away with the sweets.

Just The Two of Us crack it at Leather Bottel!

Nick and Becky ran away with Saturday’s quiz at Ye Olde Leather Bottel, beating D Minus- Must Try Harder into 2nd with Teamwiz collecting the chocolates.

Happiness is Only a Light Switch Away win at Druids.

Happiness is only a light switch away won at The Druids comfortably from Red in seconds place.

ARLM Shake win tough quiz at The Tiger Moth Thursday quiz.

Popular result at The Tiger Moth last night, with ARLM Shake winning for the first time ever. Fast Tracked twice and winning with the Nearest question. Runners up were Northern Cockney Rejects and Flick My Jelly Bean winning the sweets. Well Done Reece, Arthur, Morgan and Laura.

Raising the Steaks are like buses!

After months and months of not winning at The Feathers, Raising the steaks made it 2 in a row with a carbon copy victory beating Magnificent 7 and Prosecco Trio into 2nd. 12 teams battled it out and new team I Don’t Know Much walked away with the chocolates. 

Slow Coaches retain Hungry Fox crown with close fought victory on England World Cup night!

Quiz People regulars Slow Coaches beat fellow champions Prosecco Trio on their return from holiday into 2nd in a 7 team strong field at The Hungry Fox during the England World Cup game. Victory Girls picked up the chocolates.

Golden Gods Return to Cricketers with big win!

The Golden Gods returned to The Cricketers, comfortably winning a lively quiz with 61 players despite being fast tracked twice by Wallderman Ltd and Gary Linekers Pants. RyRy’s Ladies got the nearest question spot on, taking them away from the chocolates and handing them to You’re a Quizzer Harry. 2nd place went to Wallderman Ltd.

Just The 2 of Us win intimate quiz at Newnham Court.

Mother and Daughter team Just the 2 of Us won a quiet quiz at Newnham Court on Monday night overtaking all night leaders Someone Else’s Mr and Mrs late on with fast track and 30 point nearest question at the end.

The Quiz People are heading to The Wateringbury

The Quiz People are delighted to announce a new venue on Friday 10th August at The Wateringbury.


Northern Cockney Rejects back with a bang at music quiz.

After a short absence, Northern Cockneys were back to their best on Sunday night with a resounding victory at The Tiger Moth Music Speed Quiz.