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The Keypad Rounds usually contain 20 questions which will be answered by a single letter, number or multiple choice. There is a speed bonus for the fastest fingers and there are a few twists used to enable struggling teams to compete with the leaders. These rounds can also be music or picture rounds.


There are 2 types of Buzzin Rounds, Advanced when the fastest team gets to answer the question to get maximum points. The other teams then get to vote on whether they agree with the given answer for some bonus points. The team that buzzed in will get deducted points if they answer incorrectly. Classic has the same concept, in that the fastest finger gets to answer the question, but if incorrect will get frozen out of the next question. The question will then get offered to anyone else who wants to buzz in.


The Clips Round contains music typically varied from the 60s to date, with either title or artist to be answered.


The Nearest Round usually comes at the end of the quiz and carries more points than the rest of the quiz. This is 1 question with a numeric answer and unlikely that teams will get it correct. The nearest figure might get up to 100 points and change the way the final standings look!


You will choose at the start of the game a unique buzzer sound from a list on your device, these are normally popular tunes or sayings. Your sound will boom out every time you buzz the fastest or win a question.