Due to the Coronavirus outbreak, all venues are currently closed.




In the meantime I will be running online speed quizzes which are in a trial phase and therefore free of charge TONIGHT.


You will need either an Android or Kindle device play the quiz as Apple is not supported on this version along with another device which can be Apple connected preferably to a solid broadband internet connection for Audio.


Go to www.speedquizzing.com/l.html to download the SQ Live app onto your android or kindle device and enter the PIN number that I will provide on here and my facebook page later on in the day


On your second device which can be Apple download ZOOM at www.zoom.us

I will again later in the day post on here and my facebook page a code and pass number so that you can enter this.

ZOOM ROOM 632538814 PASSCODE 272581


This is your audio and video link to me.


Hire Us

We love hosting and expanding our popular Smartphone SpeedQuizzes into new areas, if you would like to enquire for The Quiz People to attend your venue in Kent or surrounding areas, please make contact with us via email to marc@thequizpeople.co.uk or call Marc on 07912 250964 and we'll get back to you shortly.